Artist's Philosophy


It was the evening of my 5th anniversary on Maui. The day had been filled with gratitude for my life here. As I opened my door to leave for sunset, a white homing pigeon greeted me from the railing in front of my door. Immediately I felt that it was a sign from the Holy Spirit (being a form of the white dove) telling me that I am truly at Home. He permitted me to photograph him and get close enough to read his tag and place a cup of water by his feet.

To my surprise he was still there on my return from the beach. As I prepared for sleep, I could see him through my window. His presence gave me a deep sense of comfort and peace. When I awakened at dawn he had not left, and I couldn’t help but feel that he personified the written meditation of the day: “The Light of God offers you a warm and gentle home - it watches through the night as a silent guardian of your holy sleep”

Concern for his health and origins brought me to Google “pigeon homing Maui” before leaving for work. The search revealed several sites about the Demi-God Maui who changed himself into a pigeon to return home to his sister Hina. It was as if I was being given a double message from both Maui and the Holy Spirit that I am supposed to be here on the island, in this abode, and that I am home within my own Self. I felt love for the pigeon and his blessing. As I left my condo, I was relieved and happy to see that he was able to fly as he took off toward Haleakala.



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